Diana Aqua, the expert in hydrolysis process technologies

We are able to demonstrate health, nutritional and palatability benefits for each and every one of our ingredients. We begin their assessment by screening their specifications and performances thanks to our sophisticated analytical tools. Then we evaluate them in our own testing facilities where our fish and shrimp specialists run tests every single day of the year!

These tests are supported by the extensive use of the most cutting-edge tools of molecular biology and biochemistry for characterizing mechanisms of actions of our ingredients.


Hydrolysate bioactivity: a natural boost of performance

Our Actipal range of functional hydrolysates supplies the animal with a high-diversified concentrate of peptides that modulate metabolic pathways to enhance physiological performances.


Hydrolysate process and characterization: getting the most of native proteins

Thanks to the use of enzymatic hydrolysis, our products yield the maximum of bioactive peptides from native proteins to enhance their palatable, nutritional and bioactive performances.


Reliable worldwide testing facilities

Our expertise and the performance of our bioactive peptides is scientifically proven on all the major aquaculture species such as tilapia, salmonids, shrimp, trout and marine fish. Thanks to our worldwide scientific network, we continuously improve our products and customer services.


Testing our products in fish and shrimp is a key step for us before launching any newly developed functional hydrolysate. That is why we, at Diana Aqua, operate our own aquaculture testing facilities along with our worldwide aquaculture research network.

That is how our functional hydrolysate’s performances are assessed upon several fish and shrimp species/growth stages and under different farming practices.
Morever, besides common zootechnical indicators (survival, feed intake, growth rate, feed conversion), we also control physiological and immune parameters to demonstrate functional hydrolysate (in vivo) bioactivity, using molecular biology and histological tools.

Don’t hesitate to ask our specialists to share their expertise and help your operations as aquafeed manufacturers, and commercial farms, to design testing protocols matching your needs and local constraints. Our support may also include statistical analysis of trial results.

We can also provide support for product application at industrial level (inclusion as well as coating).