Safe and sustainable sourcing

Our expertise begins with our most efficient, secure and sustainable raw material sourcing. Therefore, from our high-quality raw materials, we produce and market a unique range of highly standardized, safe and performing ingredients.

All our products are locally manufactured on sites, complying with strict quality standards and animal feed regulations.

Full Traceability - From waters to finished product

Our whole supply chain is documented, guaranteeing 100% full traceability of every and each of our raw material.

Secured Raw Material - High quality and steady supplies
  • Our raw materials are secured through long-term suppliers’ agreement
  • All of our suppliers commit to follow strict specifications.
  • We tightly control temperature, hygiene and storage duration.
  • We follow contaminants according to our risk assessment
Short Supply Chain - Fresh and local co-products
  • Our raw materials are 100% co-products
  • We collect all of them close to our factories
  • We take care of our raw materials to ensure the highest quality and freshness
Controlled Hydrolysis Process - Functional hydrolysates with targeted benefits

We insure a perfect control of hydrolysis process parameters:
by continuously adjusting the peptide profile of our products to obtain specific attributes according to the targeted species and customer needs.

State of the Art Industrial Process - Expert know-how, standardized practices

Our knowledge from raw material preparation to end product has reached a level of high expertise when it comes to:

  • Highly standardized process
  • Strong industrial Diana network with a shared and common know-how
  • Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environmental standards managed at each step of the process
Standardized, safe and sustainable products
  • We guarantee food safety through quality certifications: HACCP, GMP+ and/or ISO 22000
  • Our products are standardized and validated through accurate control plans: physical, chemistry, peptide profile
Human Resources - Qualified and dedicated teams
  • We consider safety as the core of our process design and daily work
  • Our operation teams are qualified and trained for conducting process
  • We have teams entirely dedicated to:
    - product development and industrialization
    - Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environment

Always seeking for new collaborations and partnerships, we are ready to study with you any project of by-products valorization to create more-added value, together.

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