Posted at 15 December 2017

Diana Aqua was recently awarded the IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply, Chain of Custody (IFFO RS CoC) certification


This award fully supports Diana Aqua’s ambitions to become a leader for sustainable functional marine ingredients for the aquafeed and aquaculture sector.

A new milestone in Diana Aqua sustainable development based on a solid and long term partnership with TC Union Agrotech (IFFO RS).

Since 2010, Diana Aqua and TC Union Agrotech, a Thaï leader in producing and supply aqua-industrial by products, have joined forces in a long standing partnership with the common mission to valorize co-products into performing solutions. Thanks to unique know-how and scientific expertise, Diana Aqua has developed a leading position to deliver traceable, responsibly sourced and standardized marine ingredients with high functional value to aqua feed and aquaculture industry players.

On January 10th 2017, Diana Aqua Thai subsidiary (SPF Diana Thailand), was awarded the IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply, Chain of Custody (IFFO RS CoC) certification. This certification recognizes the full commitment of Diana Aqua of providing its partners and customers with responsibly sourced raw materials, pure and safe marine ingredients with full traceability back to their source. It also reinforces it’s positioning as sustainable reference partner in functional marine ingredients for the aquafeed and aquaculture sector based on responsibly managed factories and supply-chains.

Paul Seguin, Asia Sales Director declares: “This certification marks our commitment towards delivering trust to our customers and supporting their brands on the aquafeed markets. The pressure on natural marine resources has become an imperative for all players of the value chain. Our role is to find disruptive sustainable business models to keep on serving the growing industry of aquaculture without compromising the quality and the nutritional and healthy benefits of our products”.

A driving force to enhance our products quality and performance

Diana Aqua worldwide team works in close intimacy with a unique global network of technological and scientific experts to constantly deliver the highest quality standards in all its products along with an embedded top technology. With a proven performance based on ethically managed fish and shrimp panels, we develop sustainable functional marine ingredients meeting fish farmer’s expectations around productivity, palatability and bionutritition.

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About Diana Aqua

Diana Aqua manufactures natural and sustainable ingredients for the aquaculture feed industry, enhancing the health of farmed fish and consumers’ well-being.
Valorizing marine co-products, Diana Aqua acts as a responsible and trustworthy partner contributing to the sustainable growth of aquaculture industry, providing advanced functionalities to the aqua feed players while enhancing aqua farms performance.
Diana Aqua is part of Diana, a division of Symrise AG and relies on a unique global network of scientific and technological experts, a team of 140 passionate employees and 5 industrial sites. Its ranges of products are distributed under the AQUATIV brand.