Posted at 03 May 2018

Diana Aqua is expanding its expertise in aquaculture with Dr Fabio Soller who joined the team as Technical Director Asia Pacific.

Dr Fabio Soller received his PhD in Aquaculture Nutrition from Auburn University, USA in 2012. He has been involved in aquaculture through farm management, research, feed manufacturing support and teaching for 18 years.

Dr Fabio Soller started as  Regional Manager and Technical Sales at Cargill, USA before  taking the position of  Director of the Aquatic Feeds & Nutrition Department at the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii.

Increasing Diana Aqua market footprint and supporting the business expansion through his technical and scientific skills are part of Dr Fabio Soller’s main responsibilities.

Based in Bangkok, Dr Fabio Soller is the referent for fish & shrimp  technical support for Aquativ activity in Asia Pacific and provides scientific communication linked to the benefits of Aquativ products.