Posted at 21 March 2019

Great success for Diana Aqua Pepti’Day: "Trust and consistency for sustainable aquaculture"!





Why Pepti'Day?

Diana Aqua has been developing for more than 15 years now very advanced solutions based on peptides production and understanding. The Peptides concept being our DNA, we were keen to share our expertise during this special day.


Any sustainable industry starts by TRUST: trust in the product, trust between colleagues, trust between suppliers and customers. At Diana Aqua, TRUST is the first step towards sustainability.


This is the key word for Diana Aqua products in terms of quality and supply. Consistency is also reflected in our values: Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Proximity.


Our international team of speakers from Asia and Europe provided their insights and expertise on topics such as Adding value to aquafeed, Potential and application of protein hydrolysates in snakehead fish diet, Protein hydrolysates benefits and mechanisms of actions in fish and shrimp feed, Application of liquid in aquafeed mills, and Sustainability in aquafeed industry.


 Paul Seguin, Diana Aqua ASIA PAC  Business development Director, introducing Pepti'Day

 More than 100 attendees joined the conferences


Our special thanks to all the participants who joined our Pepti'Day making it a successful event!